* 101 Reasons Why Gentiles Do Not Keep the Law/Saturday Sabbath *


    This is a "brief" concise outline of reasons. Please follow any links for a more detailed explaination of the listed facts. The Law and Sabbath will be used interchangeably, and under the synonymous category of "works". SDA will say that the law spoken of by Paul is not the "commandents" [i.e. - 10 commandments], but the ceremonial law that was/is voided. Follow this link to view the complete debunking of this false doctrine [i.e. - showing for 100% that the law and commandents are one and the same.]

  1. Because the Sabbath is a Jewish obligation (Exo 31:16)--and no where is that covenant specifically changed over or converted to the Gentiles.
  2. Because Gentiles are under the NEW covenant [the Old being drastically "different" than the New.] (2 Cor 3:6/Heb 8:8-13)
  3. Because the church is different than the Jews (Rom 11:17/24), it/we being a "wild" olive branch.
  4. God made a CLEAR distinction and separation from the law and grace (John 1:17) -- notice the word "but" in that scripture.
  5. We are new wine skins [NT] (Mar 2:22).
  6. We are not of old [OT] (Luk 5:36-38).
  7. The Old covenant is of bondage (Gal 4:24).
  8. The New covenant is of Christ and the Spirit (Mat 26:28/Heb 12:24).
  9. We are children of faith and promise (Gal 4:23 & 31/3:22).
  10. We are not children of "works." (Rom 9:30-32)
  11. We are of Sarah [the FREEwoman]-- symbolic of faith (Gal 4:22).
  12. We are not of Hagar [the BONDwoman]-- symbolic of the law (Gal 4:22).
  13. We are of "the Spirit."(Rom 8:14/Gal 4:29)
  14. We are NOT of "the flesh" [and works](Gal 4:23).
  15. We are of Jerusalem (Gal 4:26).
  16. We are not of Mount Sinai (Gal 4:25).
  17. The old law [in Moses] was/is on stone (2 Cor 3:3).
  18. The new law [in Christ] is on our heart (2 Cor 3:3).
  19. The new law based on love (Rom 13:8-10).
  20. The old law is on strict unyielding obedience (Gal 3:2-5)
  21. The old law points out [reveals] sins (Gal 3:19).
  22. The new law forgives [covers] sins (1 Joh 1:9).
  23. The penalty of the old law was/is DEATH (Rom 6:23/8:2).
  24. The blessing of the new law is cleansing and LIFE (Heb 9:14).
  25. The old law required numerous/continual insufficient animal sacrifices (Heb 9:13 & Heb 10:3).
  26. The new law required a perfect [once for all sacrifice] (Heb 9:15& Heb 10:11).
  27. The old law had many priest throughout time to minister (Heb 9:6-7).
  28. The new law had only one timeless priest to minister (Heb 10:8-22).
  29. The new timeless priest had a part in creating the law.
  30. The old priest had to heed the law (1 Sam 2:35).
  31. The new priest was PERFECT (Heb 4:15, 7:24-28).
  32. The old priests were NOT perfect (1 Sam 2:27-35).
  33. The old law used men (Exo 28:1-2, 40-48/Heb 5:1, 7:12).
  34. The new law used a God/man (John 1:14).
  35. Overall, the new is superior to the old (Heb 8:7-13, 9:11, 10:1).
  36. The new law is to bear each others burdens (Gal 6:2).
  37. The old was/is a burden to bear.
  38. We are adopted under Abraham by faith (Gal 4:5).
  39. We are justified by "faith" (Gal 2:16/Rom 3:19-20/9:31-32)
  40. And not justified by the law (Rom 3:27-28/Gal).
  41. The covenant of faith in Abraham was/is preeminent [1st] before the Mosaic [2nd] (Rom 4:13-15 [1-22]).
  42. The 2nd covenant of the law came over 400 hundred years after [again, the 2nd being the lesser.] (Gal 3:17).
  43. We have liberty to eat whatever we wish, or keep whatever day we wish (Rom 14:13 [1-13]).
  44. We are not supposed to be self-righteous or judge another by a "day"(Col 2:16).
  45. Jesus never said or even implied we should keep the Sabbath (Joh 13:34).
  46. Love and doing good is greater than the Sabbath [thus, voiding it] (Mat 12:12/Mark 3:4/1 Cor 13:13).
  47. None of the Apostles never specifically said, commanded or implied we should keep the Sabbath (Acts 15:10 [1-11]).
  48. In fact, Paul mentioned that we do NOT keep new moons or Sabbaths (Col 2:16).
  49. We are not supposed to judge by the Law (Col 2:16).
  50. The Sabbath is only a Shadow (Col 2:17).
  51. The Substance is Jesus [and caster of the shadow](Col 2:17)--would you rather have the "shadow" of something, or the substance.
  52. The Sabbath was made for man, and not man for the Sabbath (Mar 2:27).
  53. Because the Counsel of Jerusalem made no mention of keeping the Sabbath (Acts 15:10 [1-11]).
  54. Jesus is our rest (Mat 11:28), since Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath (Mar 2:28).
  55. The law says to worship on a "day." (Exo 20:8-11)
  56. True [New covenant] worshippers worship God in the Spirit (John 4:23).
  57. The Spirit is not limited to a "day" or "place."
  58. The law is perfect (Psa 19:7) [we are not].
  59. No man can keep the law (Acts 15:10).
  60. Because Jesus kept the law for us (XXX) in our place [who are under grace].
  61. Jesus took the penalty of the law [Death] for us.
  62. The Law is now only a tutor (Gal 3:24), and true FAITH doesn't even need a tutor (Gal 3:25).
  63. The Law is for the lawless (1 Tim 1:9).
  64. The Law points to Christ (Gal 3:24).
  65. The Law is now only a mirror (James 1:22-23).
  66. So the law can never do anything with our sins [but reflect them]
  67. The blood of Christ is the soap (1 John 1:19).
  68. Only Christ can cleanse us [never the law]
  69. The Law can never make us righteous.
  70. On judgement day, those who live by the law will be judged by it (Rom 2:12).
  71. On judgement day, those who accept grace as a basis of justification will receive it.
  72. The law of stone has ten parts (Exo 20).
  73. The law of love and faith has two parts [love being the key].
  74. The letter of the law kills (2 Cor 3:7).
  75. The Spirit gives life (2 Cor 3:7).
  76. The law is a curse to those who live by it (Gal 3:10-13).
  77. Christ became a curse to save all men (Gal 3:13).
  78. All believers DIED to the law when Jesus died on the cross (Rom 7:40).
  79. The letter of the law is glorious (2 Cor 3:7).
  80. The Spirit is MUCH MORE glorious (2 Cor 3:9 -11).
  81. The letter of the law places a veil over ones eyes (2 Cor 3:14-15).
  82. The Spirit is reveals ALL things (Rom 8:27/Heb 4:13).
  83. The law is based on a ministry of condemation (2 Cor 3:9).
  84. The Spirit is based on a ministry of righteousness (2 Cor 3:9).
  85. The letter of the law cannot help or aid you, so you cannot call on IT if you need help (Rom 8:26).
  86. The Spirit is there to give you guidance and instruction (Rom 8:26).
  87. The Spirit does miracles (Gal 3:5).
  88. The law can do no miracle (Gal 3:5).
  89. The law will not be needed in heaven after sin is abolished (Rev 21:4/22:3).
  90. The Spirit is FOREVER (Heb 9:14).
  91. The Father sent the law to be the written word (Exo 20, etc.).
  92. The Father sent His son to be the LIVING word (John 1:1-14).
  93. The law was given to show us how to live (Gal 3:24).
  94. The Son was given to live His life in us (Gal 3:27).
  95. The Devil uses the law to beat and accuse us.
  96. God used the Son to love and forgive us.
  97. The law could/can never stop the Devil.
  98. The Son came to destroy the works of the Devil (1 Joh 3:8).
  99. You cannot say to the Devil, "in the name of the law get behind me."
  100. You CAN say to the Devil, "in the name JESUS get behind me." (Matt 4:10)
  101. LAST but definitely not least - Christ is the END of the law [for those who accept and walk by faith] (Rom 10:4)

Whew!, there you have it. MANY Biblical reasons why Gentiles do not keep the OT law. This is by no means exhaustive, but just a starting point on your journey [if SDA] to Break the Bondage of legalism.

These reasons are NOT to imply the law [or Sabbath] was done away with, only that the Gentiles are exempt of it through the GREATER work and power of grace and the Spirit of God.

Just as God gave Adam and Eve the choice in the garden of two types of fruit, so God also today gives mankind a choice--The Law or Grace--Which one will you choose?


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