Did you know that Seventh-Day Adventist doctrine damns you to the Lake of Fire! (Hell)

If you DO NOT accept the TRUTH

That's where, they say, ALL enter and go who do not keep Gods Commandments!! [Rev 22:14/20:11-15]


As breifly noted from the purpose/goal page, Adventist doctrine does indeed damn Sunday-Keepers due to their association with keeping the day (Sunday) of the beast (Rome). We will expand on that issue more in detail on this page. We will dig into Adventist doctrine that basically says, you are guilty-by-association & also not loving God as you should [keeping His commandments]

Most Adventist would not obviously say this fact to your face, just as they would not walk up to someone on the street and scream at them, "Your going to hell if you don't repent!"

No,No, Adventist are way too sly and subtle to do such a thing as say in your face that you (as a Sunday-Keeper) are going to hell--that is, unless you push them to it.

Even, most Adventist pastors would not, from their pulpits, blatantly [or bluntly] proclaim that a Sunday-Keeper is going to hell . They will invoke the spirit of love and compassion that would come with the territory of educating someone who is ignorant (Hos 4:6) of the truth.

What, most Adventist will do is go through a progressive procedure and methodology of historical facts and Bible that will "convince" you that you need to do things "Gods way." And you being a Christ loving servant who desires to do your Lords will would obviously want to do things "right" [if you are in sin or just plain ignorant].

This, is how the progression will begin:

Proof by History -

  1. Adventist will establish the fact that the day of worship was changed [again via historical facts of the church.]
  2. Adventist will establish the fact that it was Rome [Roman Catholic church] that changed this day.
  3. Adventist will then point out that Rome is the "beast" spoken of in Revelations (Rev 13)
  4. Adventist will point out that this "beast" will be the one forcing a mark (666) on all peoples (Rev 13:18).
  5. Adventist will prove that the mark is tied to the Pope [either via his name or some other tabulation theory.]
  6. Adventist will claim that the original day of worship of the 1st century (Jewish) church was the Saturday sabbath.
  7. Adventist will say that it was Rome who changed the day from Saturday to Sunday.
  8. Adventist will proclaim that this "time" change was fulfilling prophecy (Dan 7:25) that the "beast"(Rome) would initiate.
  9. Adventist will then state that you must not keep the "beast" day, or you are (by default) in league with the beast, and taking its mark.

Once Adventist establish the historical facts, they go in for the one-two punch with the scriptures:

Proof by Scriptures -

  1. Adventist will say that you should keep Gods commandments (1Tim 6:14, etc.)
  2. Adventist equate Gods commandments in the NT (Mat 19:17-19, etc.) directly with and to the OT ten [10] commandments (Exo 20:1-17).
  3. Adventist will say that Gods commandments were not done away with (Deut 32:4/Psa 18:30), but Moses commandments or ceremonial law were indeed voided (Col 2:14).
  4. Adventist will imply that the fourth (4th) commandment is one of the most important because it was/is a sign [or mark] of God (Exo 31:13).
  5. Adventist will claim that we Gentiles were adopted (Gal 4:5/Eph 1:5), and grafted in with the Jews (Rom 11:17-19), so therefore have to keep the same laws/requirements--as the Jews do to this day keep the Saturday Sabbath. (Note - Some more radical SDA will say that the Jews forfeited Gods promises [by rejection Christ] and the SDA are now Gods chosen people [because only they are keeping Gods commandments today].)
  6. Adventist will say that Jesus kept ALL Gods commandments (Joh 8:29/1Pet 1:19/Joh 15:10), so we should follow in His example (1Pe 2:21).
  7. Adventist will say that those who truly love God keep His commandments (1Jo 5:3/1Jo 2:3/Rev 14:12) - This is the KEY closer and punch!

Once you are at the last point, you are pretty much primed for the kill. You must then at that point either accept the truth, or reject it.

The options and conclusions are obvious:

If you didn't notice,

The TRUTH is = Law Keeping

  1. Either you accept the truth, and start keeping the sabbath.
  2. You reject the truth (of the sabbath) and be damned because:

As you can see, Adventist weave an intricate web of half-facts [lies] and scriptures in order to draw you in like a spider does to a fly. As noted throughout this site, it is a method used regularly among the cults.

Just to let this sink in consider again SDA's key scripture:

Rev 14:9 - 12 -- Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, "If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation. And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name." Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.

There are two (2) things here you must see:

  1. That whomever has this MARK will be Damned FOREVER in the Lake of Fire [This Mark is SUNDAY according to the Adventist].
  2. That only those who keep the commandments (as in the 10 commandments/Sabbath) will be exempt and saved [according to the Adventist].

If this isn't serious for Sunday-Keepers then I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS!!

Don't Allow SDA to BURN YOU!!

Any Sunday-Keeper can easily prepare themselves if they read through this site and gain the weaponry in order to combat the lies so prevalent in this doctrine.

Check out the witnessing to SDA link and Other places to get your sword sharp and your mind ready for the battle ahead. Heed the scriptures where it notes to BE READY! (1Pe 3:15).


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