*Purpose & Goals*


Purpose -

This Web page was formed out of the concept of a need that God has placed on the hearts of many non-SDA and former (Ex) SDA. That need was communicated to and through people who had and have genuine questions. Questions of their own faith and ones posed to them from present SDA. These questions were not sufficiently available or succinctly packaged to answer the arguments and objections of the SDA theology. Great people like Dr. Ford have had a voice, but it has been diminished because of the void of a common forum. This site is a start on forming a forum in which an intelligent (and truthful) forum can now take place. In the past this was a "one way" scenario (the SDA side), now it will be (by Gods grace) a two way street.

The "X" came out of the idea of a popular TV progarm that ran on the Fox network (1994 - 2002) called the X-Files. On this popular secular program, there were special FBI agents by the name of Scully and Mulder. Every episode their primary mission was to find evidence of the truth of alien life.

The X-SDA web page is a "pun" of the X-Files in that there are many SDA who are alien to the true truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Not that they don't know or love Jesus, but that many don't truly understand the idea and concept of the "grace" of God (especially in contrast to the law). This is primarily due to the theology and doctrine of the Seventh Day Adventist organization and church. The main doctrine is a blinding "cloud" of legalism that over emphasizes the law over (or superior to) grace. So most SDA may know "of" grace, but not the true monumental emphasis that it has in the New Testament (through Jesus Christ). It is comparable to the Pharisee convert of the 1st century NT church who had such a hard time with this issue (noted very clearly in the books of Galatians and Hebrews).

You will actually see that the Adventist belief is not 100% good or 100% bad. It is a strange "hybrid" of Christ/grace and the law/legalism, that would be comparable to trying to mix oil with water (is this possible?) We will investigate this.

So we hope that our "X-Files" (the information in these pages) can assist non-SDA and SDA in finding the truth of grace, and the joy that comes with it. We also hope that you will be like Agent Mulder, in diligently seeking the truth, not of some illusive aliens but into the real unadulterated truth of the Gospel of grace in Jesus Christ!

So there are three (3) primary purposes (probably already stated on the main page, but lets reiterate and expand on them) -

1) To provide anyone answers to SDA doctrine, basic thinking, and ideology. As a witnessing tool to answer SDA arguments & questions.

2) To aid existing SDA in their journey out of the bondage of legalism and serving the Old Testament (OT) law. This is in contrast to serving 100% the Master, Jesus Christ.

3) As vehicle for Ex-SDA to connect, fellowship and keep in touch with the happenings of and in the SDA realm.

To see more about "who" we are then Follow this link.

Let us go over these purposes:

1st Purpose -

The first (1st) is to have a basis for non-SDA to have a place to go for information regarding the SDA. This will be mostly made up of Sunday-Keepers who have been "witnessed" to by SDA. One of the key thrust of an SDA's argument will be the keeping and inherence to the 7th day Sabbath. If an SDA is "acting" normally, then the instantaneous way that you can "get under their skin" would be to bring up the subject of the Sabbath. There is a key concept here. SDA will act like any "normal" Christian. The main purpose for this is to get you into their church system. It is only then that you will be oriented to the MANY legalist practices such as: the 7th day, vegetarianism, no jewelry, Ellen White, etc.

They have many "normal" shows and functions such as: "It is Written" TV program and "Prophecy seminars" that look very Christian (and they do give an element of truth, and maybe even the general gospel message). But watch out once you join and step through the doors.

You (Sunday-Keeper) might say, "that's sneaky, like a cult!", and you wouldn't be to far from the mark. One of the questions that we will pose here is--if the SDA are truly "Christian" then why do they have to hide their outreaches? (They will NEVER advertise that they're SDA when they do the Prophecy "seminars"). I remember one SDA evangelist proclaim that 70% of the converts they encounter and pursue at their seminars are Sunday-Keeping Christians!

Then there is the question--why do they even have to evangelize the body of Christ if they are part of the body? (We will touch on this again below--in the "Why" section).

So, Sunday-Keeper's need a source in which to defend themselves against this type of guerrilla warfare, much like they would against JW's and Mormons.

2nd Purpose -

The second (2nd) is that existing SDA still obviously need an outlet of answers for their own sakes. If they are true seekers of the word and truth, that is (therein lies the "key.") There are many SDA who are not seeking or seekers for the truth--they feel that they already have the truth. They are reminiscent of those Pharisees of Jesus day, where even though they had the very Son of God in front of them, they rejected Him. Why is this so? There are many reasons for this that we will explore. One of which being, that the law and legalism are very attractive propositions. Look at the Mormons and JW's and how they work!

It is attractive in knowing that you are "doing" something for God. That is not so bad in and of itself, but when you are doing it in leu of, or in addition to grace, then that is very bad. Our works are not so much for God, they are primarily for men (Rom 4:12-24).

If there are Adventist out there who are true seekers of the truth, aren't afraid of pursuing truth and what they might find then they will have no problem in investigating the facts that are noted here--that is all we ask.

Many will get angry--that is good because this will hopefully lead to you investigating the facts for yourself. If you get angry and just shut us off, then that won't hold water on judgment day when the Lord requires you to the task of self-examination (2 Cor 13:5). You say you love the Lord, His word and His commandments--prove it! Get mad and check it out for yourself, if you can find error then show us. As we will mention time and time again, we are not afraid of the truth!

3rd Purpose -

There are many pain ridden and scared former (Ex) SDA out there who need support, encouragement and hope. We want you to know from X-SDA that YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and we hope that you will utilize the resources here on X-SDA. We hope you would be interested in joining us, and aiding us in our mission and ministry. There our many of us who still have family and friends within the SDA church. We hope that you will pray for us and with us for the SDA organization and people.

One of the things that the Lord used to "shock" the founder of X-SDA and Bondage Breakers is the fact that change is indeed possible. Before the events that happened with the cultic "Worldwide Church of God" most thought that it would be impossible for a huge man-made organization to change. But with that one broad stroke of God, HE CHANGED THEM! If God can do that with them surely He can do it with the SDA. Get involved anyway you can to be part of this expected miracle--God will bless you for it!!

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So why are we going through this exercise? Why should we or you make this effort to answer questions and convert minds? The answer is obvious from the comments in the prior sections, but it is primary based on two (2) realms or views. The SDA (or law keepers) side and the Sunday-keepers side.

SDA Side -

The New Testament (NT) teaches many concepts and doctrine. One of the greatest is of and about the mercy and grace of God. This mercy and grace was given by and through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. This is an basic and acceptable fact, even by most SDA. Where the problem arose was when many founders of the SDA proclaimed that NT gentiles must also keep the law of God. You will see that SDA separate the law of God (10 commandments) and the law of Moses (ceremonial). They will say that the 10 commandments was not done away with (as some Sunday-keepers say), so must be kept precisely as it was in the Old Testament (OT).

Well, it comes down whether this is true or not true, doesn't it. If it was true then we could end this conversation and shut down this site right now. So the "WHY" on the SDA side is to show the SDA (through scripture) that there is an answer that will clearly explain "why" and "what" of the law in the NT context. That they have been deceived in most of what they have learned about the worship, faith, works,etc. requirements of NT Gentiles.

Sunday-keepers Side-

Sunday churches and people have had the misconception and fallacy that the SDA organization is indeed "Orthodox" in their doctrine, like most mainline churches. You will see throughout this site that this is NOT the case. Where the SDA organization is actively on an campaign to "convert" you over to their church system.

Why would they need to convert you if you are already Christian?

Well, that is because Christianity is not primarily the issue with SDA--it's the law (or 10 commandments). Then again, it's not just the commandments, just specifically the 4th one that they emphasize. That is because they feel (through their doctrine and Ellen Whites writings) that this is the abominable event and/or "turning away" that is spoken of in scripture (Mat 24:12/2 Thess 2:3).

This would not be so bad in and of itself except that SDA add a monumental and significant trailer to this doctrine. That trailer is significant because it is based on your very salvation. SDA will tie your Sunday keeping to the mark of the beast (the Roman Catholic church). You can get the details from the resources throughout this site [CLICK HERE]. What that means, and what they are basically saying is that since you are keeping Sunday observances, that you are agreeing with it (the Beast--Roman Catholic system, as they see it), or accepting what it stands for, and this (Sunday) is it's mark--which is from the Devil.

On the other hand, the mark of God (they say) is and will be Sabbath (7th day) keeping.

Revelations is 100% clear (Rev 14:9-11) on this, and SDA will confirm this, that if you take this mark of Satan then you are forever damned to hell, with NO WAY of forgiveness. Again, they see it as keeping that day (and especially if you don't start immediately keeping the Sabbath, when they inform you of the truth of Sabbath keeping).

So, the Question is--Is this thinking true (as per scriptures)--OF COURSE NOT!! ((CLICK HERE for more on this issue))

But you need to be equipped to answer these errors--therein the "WHY."

Goals -

Because there were three (3) purposes it is logical that there also be three (3) goals to this whole X-SDA exercise and experience.

The three (3) primary goals, dream and fervent prayers of X-SDA are -

1) Regarding SDA - That the SDA organization and churches (along with its people) would reform the church to get back on track with the true unblemished Gospel of grace through Jesus Christ. Where they would renounce their law-keeping as a pseudo-method of salvation and preference. That the 7th day and other legalistic practices would no longer be acknowledged as "essential" of Gods love, attention and rewards. And, to finally fully accept their other Protestant brethren as being fellow redeemed and beloved of God (with no "strings" of the OT law attached).

This would include:

2) Regarding Former (Ex) SDA - Until that time that the SDA organization does reform we want to aid new and long time Ex-SDA in connecting with others of us, and in fellowshipping in a way to encourage and strengthen each other to stay on the course of "grace."

3) Regarding non-SDA - Until that time that the SDA organization does reform we want to also aid all Bible believing non-SDA (Sunday-keepers) in testing, contesting, reproving, debating, and just fighting the good fight against the aberrant SDA who would try to convert them to legalism.

Wow! these are all tough goals to ask for, especially the first!!

Impossible?, on mans level, yes indeed! But on Gods level--100% possible. Again, we use the example of the "Worldwide Church of God." On that note we end and ask that you continue on your journey of truth--Enjoy.

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