As with every ministry there are needs. In the Bible God provided help to his ministers by His people giving willingly to support the gospel cause (2 Cor 9:7/Exo 25:2).

For us, this help doesn't automatically translate into money (I get to that soon enough). What it does mean is your support in our endeavors to minister to people. As we noted in our purpose page, this includes people who are either non-SDA (Sunday Keepers and ex-SDA) and SDA.

That help we speak of can be through a NUMBER of ways:



Remember, whether if it prayer, a kind note of exoration and encouragement, praise report, spreading the word, or a donation--ANY help is greatly appreciated.

If these are indeed the last days then it is imperitive that we help and support one another to get out the true gospel to brethren--In fact, the NT notes this is a true law in itself (Gal 6:2), if you are in Christ. We need to get off of our rear ends and fulfill the great commission as the Lord commanded us (Matt 28:18-20). Scripture notes time and time again that there would be false doctrine (1 Pet 2), teachers and religions in these last days. People in these organizations NEED to given the truth!

Help bear the burden with us (Gal 6:2).

So again, If you are edified and helped by this site then please aid us in our endeavors by supporting us. It takes A LOT of work, time and effort to gather facts, answer emails, research, etc--then also to maintain this site. Please send any offering that the Lord may place on your heart. It is greatly appreciated and God will bless you in return.

You can also contact us at the mail address on our General Stuff page or email address below. We like to hear from you.

 Thank You and God Bless

Bondage Breakers, International.

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