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Welcome to the X-SDA web site. This is the first beginnings of a ministry we hope will edify not only SDA but the whole body of Christ. Read this whole page, at least, before passing judgement.

This site was conceived for a three-fold purpose:

  1. To provide anyone answers to SDA doctrine, basic thinking, and ideology. Basically, as a witnessing tool to answer SDA arguments & questions. Is the 7th day and other doctrine the TRUTH that SDA say it is? - You may be surprised at what you find out.
  2. To aid SDA in their journey out of bondage, darkness, and legalism that serving the Old Testament (OT) law (versus 100% the Master, Jesus) can yield.
  3. To aid Ex-SDA, in having a vehicle for them to fellowship and keep in touch in the happenings of the SDA realm.

** Click Here for expanded details on these purposes **

SDA in this web site and writings will always be referring to the Seventh-Day Adventist. The "Law" spoken of throughout the writings will always refer to the Old Testament (OT) law [See Glossary].

If ever you would like more information on what you are reading then just click on the blue underlined links that will take you to further details and information.

X or not to X - That is the Question......

The "X" is not as in no or against the SDA people or organization, nor is it to put down or desire to do away with the SDA. The "X" is as in "ex" and/or former SDA. This includes all persons that were expelled, kicked-out, dis-fellowshiped, asked to leave, etc. This also includes persons who are still in the SDA organization and system who are disgruntled, unhappy, discontent, unfulfilled, and/or disheartened about their situation. The latter or second ones are persons who might like to leave and/or are considering leaving but still would hope there might be change. They might have grown up in the church, still have family members in it, or feel that they can make a difference staying within the organization for good. These are usually what they call "evangelical" SDA that believe and hope more in a grace versus law ideology.

We want to minister to both of these type of people, whether they are "in" or "out" of the organization. To answer questions, help out, encourage, and just edify overall.

We also want to minister to many Sunday-Keepers who may know of or encounter SDA and need an information source that will aid them in answering SDA questions, arguments, etc.

** Follow the link to PURPOSE/GOAL page to see the real reason for the naming it "X" -vs- "ex" **

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 Are SDA Christians?

There has been a fallacy within the Christian community that the SDA are indeed "Orthodox" in their doctrine, like most mainline churches. This fallacy was exacerbated by Dr. Walter Martin's book, "The Kingdom of the Cults."(1965), where Dr. Martin labeled SDA as "basically" Christian. While on one hand Dr. Martin's book is excellent and very informational about the SDA organization and history, on the other hand it is slightly dated as the true going on's within the SDA church today (that is the key).

Before Dr. Martins book the SDA were understood and had been regularly known as being a cult (like the Mormon and Jehovah Witnesses [JW], etc.)

Dr Martin had worked out a consensus with the SDA of that day that emphasized "grace" and orthodox beliefs over their aberrant foundations. So the SDA church might have had a minor reform in that day, but many ex-SDA know this is not the case today!

Even Dr. Martin noted in his book (pp410), "Doctrinally, the church has developed a large rift between those members and leaders who are solidly within the evangelical Christian camp and those members and leaders who, because of their emphasis on works-righteousness, legalism, and the prophetic status according to founder Ellen G. White, may well move the denomination over time outside of the evangelical camp and perhaps even into actual cultism."

Dr. Martin words were indeed prophetic of the future course of the SDA, but unfortunately the organization he left to monitor cultism has either fallen asleep or not noticed this dire shift.

So, is SDA part of the body of Christ TODAY? Meaning, SDA being "Christians", and like most of the church who profess Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Well, this premise could be partially true, but also partially not true. What I mean is are we talking about the SDA "organization", or are we talking about the SDA "individual?"

If you are talking about the organization then there is no question that it/they have presently "shifted" strongly towards the doctrines of the past (based on Ellen White), and have indeed embraced their aberrant roots (this is a documented fact). And as Dr. Martin noted, if this was to happen then they would HAVE to be re-labeled a cult. (Follow this link for more on this)

If you are talking about the SDA person then this is another matter that is only an issue of the heart. If you will read excerpts of "The Sabbath - Relevant for Christians Today?", by John Cusaac, you will see that it all depends on whether the SDA person is relying on and trusting in "the Law" or "Grace" (through Jesus Christ) for their emphasis.


If it is the Law (like a majority of SDA emphasize) then there is definitely a problem. Unfortunately, many times it is the organization that the people follow and agree with (like sheep following their shepherd), and are affected by the leaven of the SDA doctrines and teaching. Whether if it is with the organization (a known problem) or with the individual (a possible problem) we have to acknowledge and address this issue (lives are on the line). This site, the included links, and documentation will clearly and succinctly point out these problems in order to hopefully show both non-SDA and SDA the truth that scripture plainly and simply shows.

Why is this important? Is this site and the information enclosed just an exercise in futility? Is it just a work of "division" and "divisiveness" to further add to the many divisions in the church and body of Jesus Christ today?

No my friend, if you will truly seek and investigate the information in this site then you will see that it is indeed the truth. Because we say so? No, only because we espouse and emphasize (and ALWAYS will) the WORD OF GOD, the Bible, as our ultimate and sole source of truth. It will not be based on an organization (like the JW's do), or on an Angel (as the Mormon leader heeded), or even on a so-called Prophetess named White (like many SDA maintain). No, most if not all of the information is derived entirely from a straight interpretation of and from the Bible (that you can easily follow).

So we would ask that you be like the Breian's in Acts 17:11 and study the material and information in this site, with the Bible as the Judge. RIGHTLY divide the truth (2 Tim 2:15), and show yourself approved by checking it out for yourself, and not just accepting what some organization or person told you. Many SDA "say" they have the truth, and are not afraid of sharing and learning. If you believe in the Bible as Gods true word, and are not afraid of heeding it or just hearing it (James 1:22) then continue on. We are NOT afraid of the truth: we hope that you and/or the SDA organization are not either.

We wish to do this in a spirit of love (1Pet 1:22/1Tim 4:12), gentleness and respect. Hopefully, as it notes in 2Tim 2:24-26 and James 5:20 that we may aid in turning back many to the true Gospel of Christ.

Side Note for SDA:

Scripture notes (Hos 4:6) that, "My people perish because of lack of knowledge." How true that is today with all of the cults, aberrant doctrine, and divisive denominations that are so prevalent today. Did God mean this to be so, and to have His body torn into so many pieces? As Paul would note many times in his writings, certainly not!! (This is the rebellious spirit of man). Do you think that the people who were with David Kuresh in Waco thought that they would be deceived?, or that the people with Jim Jones thought that they would die? No, they were deceived!

God has given man the CHOICE--from Adam to the present--to decide what is right and wrong, good or bad. You have a CHOICE today to decide whether you are in the truth, or begin deceived. You could just ignore, move on, sloff this off, or say it's from the Devil.

Are you a gambler? Are you willing to gamble on your LIFE by passing up the facts without making even a cursory investigation? You will have NO EXCUSE before God on judgment day! Many in the Kuresh and Jones group will have to give an answer as to WHY they followed error (especially since one professed to be Christ), and many in the mass of cults today. We ALL can be DECEIVED! What is the ANSWER then?, READ YOUR WORD (the 100% truth), examine the facts and the links (on this site and other resources). If you will diligently seek (Heb 11:6), pray (1 Thess 5:17), ask God for truth and wisdom (James 1:5), and after all of that you have a peace and sound mind then THAT IS ALL WE CAN ASK.

At the very least, check out the 101 reasons why Gentiles do not keep the Sabbath!

Side Note for Sunday-Keepers:

Were you aware that SDA doctrine and teachings damns you to HELL for not keeping the Saturday Sabbath? [[ CLICK HERE for more details ]]

Now you know--check out the details throughout this site as to how you can defend yourself (1Pe 3:15), If you are NOT ready then the SDA will chew you up and spit you out better than any Mormon or Jehovah Witness ever would.

Also, check out the 101 reasons why Gentiles do not keep the Sabbath!

For All -

So Let us go on to find out what God truly wants from His body and for yourself today. Where to start?, Here's a list.


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Thank You and God Bless. - Bondage Breakers, International.

Worldly Disclaimer - The views expressed in this site are our own, and are not in any way to be contrued as disrespectful or destructive. All comments and information is covered by the terms and rights as noted under the 1st Admendement of the United States of America (Free Speech). The content and comments are not to be construed as anything but the truth, and not biased or hateful, but of our own opinion as we see it (as based on Holy scripture). If you have any comments then I will take comments and/or engage in constructive and logical debate. That is, if any debate is based on fact, and in a calm and intelligent manner.


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